Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday at the Redmans!

Football season is upon us.
 And at our house, it's the most wonderful time of the year. At least for my husband anyway. I just love the fall weather, crock pot meals, flannel, and the sound of the crowd on the tv.

My favorite site to see in the kitchen.

To celebrate, I made Smokey Bbq Chili. Its one of my all time favorite thing to eat. Plus, Kroger had hot sauce on sale, so I really wanted needed an excuse to use one of my many hot sauce bottles!


If you would like for me to post the recipe, please leave a comment asking me to do so! 

We started our Saturday morning like every southern family.
With potato chips.
Well, why not?

He eats his with a spoon.

I offered cereal or eggs, but they both voted potato chips. And because I really didn't feel like arguing with two toddlers at seven in the morning, I just said "alright." There are plenty more mornings to have a "well balanced meal."

They watched an episode of Elmo, and I managed to get a few chores done. Not much, but a few. Any one else feel like they just can't catch up on laundry? Oh, the letter of the day was R, by the way.

While I was folding laundry, My oldest had brought me a toy that needed new batteries. Shocker, right? I changed out the batteries, turned on the toy, and it was like Christmas morning.

It had been so long since the toy had working batteries, that they both thought I had gotten them a new one. I love this age. ANYTHING excites them. Of course I went along with it and told them that I got this "piggy" just for them. 
I also told them that this was their pet, so this buys me at least a few more years before having to get a real pet.
Mean? No way. Just smart.

We had nap time, which is my absolute favorite part of the day. Have I ever mentioned that? After nap time, I discovered the most horrific thing and every mother's nightmare.

My middle child finally figured out how to climb out of his crib. 
My heart sank down to my stomach when I saw how he "got out." 
Not only is it dangerous for him to be climbing, but the most disturbing thing is........

For all his life, I have rested in the fact that once I place him in the crib, he will be there until I go and get him out. Not anymore. Mr. Busy-body can officially be busy anytime he wants. Are there any other moms out there sharing my frustration right now?

Oh me, oh my.

After that, we had a pretty typical day. We turned on the tv, watched the game, and finally ate a bowl of chili. It was delicious I might add. While we had chili, the "perfect mom" in me wanted them to have vegetables too.

It didn't go well. 
I mean, you would have thought I was forcing them to drink cyanide. 

My middle child took it upon himself to wash the broccoli taste out of his mouth by eating his favorite fruit. 

There were four bananas left in that fruit bowl. He opened them all
Oh, he just makes my head spin.

So instead of throwing them all away, I cut them up and froze them. Nice little "no point" treat for me (I'm on weight watchers). So in a way, he did me a favor. 
I'm trying to look at the positive side of everything. 

Over all, it was a nice day. 
I'm so thankful for lazy football saturdays.
God is so good to me. 

I'll just end this post with one more picture...

Oh and Roll Tide

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