Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's almost fall y'all

My oldest and I love to log on everyday to see how many page views we have gotten, and holy cow, we have succeeded far more than I was ever anticipating! So, thank you to all those to who love read about the Redman Roost! 

It's finally September, which means it's time to pull out that fall decor. The past few days, I've been slowly rearranging my mantle and hanging wreaths. It's my favorite thing to do! I just love new seasons. 

Those were actually kitchen canisters that my mom had in her kitchen when I was growing up. I spray painted them black. And the mason jar was left over decor from my sister's wedding. It's new home is now on my mantle being used as a "stick holder." 

This is a hand-me-down wreath from my mom. It is my all time favorite. She gave it to me when my husband and I first got married, lived in a two bedroom run down apartment, and barely had enough money for gas. She knew I didn't have the money to go and "spruce" up my grungy apartment, so she helped me make it home. So here it is four years later, and that same wreath hangs on our new front door of our new house. Oh, ignore paint bubbles on the front door. Thats another project for another day. 

This is what my tiniest nugget does while I play "barbie dream house." 

And this is what the two oldest nuggets do.
 I swear I'm a good mom and try limit their television intake, but Sesame Street is such a beautiful thing and I can get so much done while Elmo sings "Letter of the day." 

Fall is my favorite season because I can take my children outside and not sweat to death. Am I the only momma out there that hates going to the playground because of the bugs and the blazing sun? Fall is a relief to both of those. The bugs are dying off and the sun is out but I'm not melting. It's wonderful!

You like how my children are always in pajamas? Haha! On a typical day, we usually never leave the house, so why in the world would I change their clothes? Thats just more laundry to do. 

They are also always barefooted because we live in the South. That's what we do around here. 

Another reason Fall is my favorite is becuase the artwork of my Maker is the most beautiful. The green leaves on a tree turn to red, orange, or yellow. Who, but God, can do that? He's so awesome. And I'm thankful that the same God who changes the color of the leaves on a tree, is the same God who holds my life in his hands. What a mighty God we serve.

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