Monday, September 28, 2015

In a week's time

What a wonderful week it has been. 
It was just a typical week, but it was still wonderful. 

We started everyday at the breakfast table, or should I say coffee table, with Cheerios, Apple Juice, and good spirits. Although the good spirits only lasted about three minutes. Toddlers are a roller coaster of emotion, ya know. But they really are the best part of waking up. And Folders in my cup. Thats the second best part of waking up. 

Giggles, giggles, and more giggles. That sound is my very favorite. It can put a smile on my sleep deprived, dark circled, worn out face every time. Even after a stern scolding to my middle child. Just the other day I had to say "If you poot at the breakfast table one more time, you're going to get a spankin'." The laughs that came after that statement were uncontrollable. I couldn't keep a straight face. Thankfully, he didn't poot anymore (at the table) because giving him a spankin' while laughing probably wouldn't have been a good parenting move. 

The weather was pretty nice all week, so we went outside just about everyday. That's their favorite thing. That swing set was a Godsend. My husbands grandmother gave it to the kids as their birthday present. I'm not sure who got the better end of the deal, me or them. Ha!

I also decorated for Halloween. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I know I should have waited until October 1 to put everything out, but waiting is no fun. It was just a really long hot summer so I'm ready for the fall season. And I'm kind of homesick for Christmas, so orange strung lights almost fills that void. As Aly says "I just can't wait for my Halloween!"

I'm going to brag just a tiny bit. The Redman Roost dining area got a little bit of an upgrade: a new table! I could pretend like it's no big deal to just get a new piece of furniture, but in our neck of the woods, IT'S A BIG DEAL. I could not be any happier if I tried! 

It also serves as a laundry table, so I'm getting more bang for my buck!

This week Aly has started a "chore." Her new job is to put away the silverware whenever I empty the dishwasher. Knives excluded. My husband says she's too little to be doing that, but I say "teach 'em while they're young." I'm the mom, so I win. A little responsibility never hurt anyone, right?

The other two babies aren't nearly old enough to even comprehend chores, so their only job right now is to tell me what the "Letter of the Day" is on Sesame Street.

It was "G," by the way. 

However! My middle one thought he might try the potty! I'm thrilled. I can just see dollar signs whenever I think about having only one child in diapers. He's not anywhere near being ready to fully potty train, but it's a start and I'm willing to try! 

Oh and the baby discovered crackers. Not on purpose, because I don't normally give a gummy baby salty crackers, but his big brother found the box and helped himself to a snack. My tiny nugget loved every nibble of it. 

To end the week, we made cookies on a Friday night. Because thats what any perfect mother would do. I remember the days of going out with friends, or maybe catching a movie with the boyfriend, but now my Friday nights have completely changed. It's been the best change I've ever had. I would much rather be watching Elmo with my minoins, any day of any week. 

And for all this, I'm thankful to the One who gave me the desires of my heart. 

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