Friday, September 4, 2015

a spot in the spotlight


Do any of you follow #averageparentproblems on Instagram? If you ever have had toddlers and are looking for a laugh, this account is one you definitely need to look up. Their posts are hilarious. 
They picked one of my pictures to post yesterday! I'm not saying I'm famous, but people all over the world know about my mischievous middle child and his undeniable desire for cake. 

I laugh about it now, but when I took that picture, I was planning my mom a birthday party and was solely focused on making it a good one. The house smelled like vanilla, and the fireplace had the "birthday banner." I was in full party mode.

Isn't he a cute model?

The husband was at work, which meant all the babies needed to be within my 'ear shot.' Okay, who are we kidding? They would have been close even if the husband was home. They sure do love their momma. All evening my little nuggets kept asking for a bite. Just a bite. One small bite. Anything! 
I took the cake pans out of the oven, and placed them on the cooling rack. The rookie in me walked away to change the smallest baby's diaper. I should have put the gate up, or made the babies follow me, but I didn't. So stupid. So very stupid. 

I walked back in the kitchen to see two huge chunks of cake missing. It would be a total lie if I said the first thing I did was laugh. I wish it was. But instead, the first thing I did was yell. So very loud. My biggest weakness is the fact that I let my emotions run the show. I scolded my middle child for touching my cake, but as I was fussing, he just looked up, smiled real big, and said "CAKE!"

I love that about him. He's happy even in stressful situations. I'm not saying that the cake incident was a stressful one, because believe me, there have been worse. What I am saying is, even with me scolding him and losing my temper, he remained calm and still smiled. He gets that from his daddy. 

I like to think that God does the same thing during one of my temper tantrums. He remains calm. When something doesn't go my way, or I don't get what I want when I want it, God just remains calm. Because He's God. Isn't that awesome? At 25 years old, I haven't experienced much in life, but I have experienced God's mercy and compassion, and that is everything


Despite the minor set back, the cake turned out pretty nice. And my baby forgave me. I definitely wont gain the nickname "Cake Boss," but it sure was nice to eat. And my middle child giggled with every bite. 

Okay, time to shift gears:

I tried to learn how to edit pictures. I failed. I failed miserably. How about I just leave that area to my sister? But I just had to share because it makes me laugh every time I see this picture. 

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