Thursday, September 10, 2015

Camping for a day

We live in, in my opinion, the prettiest part of the country. Whether I make a short trip to Walmart, or take a day trip to Roan Mountain, I can always see the tops of the mountains. It's such a wonderful site to see. 

One day this past week, we ventured up to Roan Mountain to meet my parents and to go camping for the day because can you imagine camping over night with three children under the age of 4?

 It really was the best day ever. 

I began my day with my morning coffee, threw some decent clothes on, dressed the babies, packed the diaper bag, and loaded the van. 

Besides arguing with my almost two year old about the radio station and Justin Beiber, it was a fairly quiet and peaceful ride up. We made it in a little over an hour and only missed one turn. 

Once we got there, Honey (my mom's grandmother name) greeted us with a big smile and an offer to go to the play ground. They couldn't get out of the van fast enough! 

Nothing thrills my heart more than to see my babies happy. And to see their little short legs run as fast as they can go. It just makes me giggle. They ran the entire distance from the camper to the playground. Seriously, I'm sure the other campers probably thought that those kids had never seen the light of day. 

Their giggles and squeals echoed through out the entire campground. I loved it!

The little one didn't enjoy it as much. 

After they burned out almost all of their energy, we made a pit stop by the camper, grabbed a peanut butter jelly sandwich, and headed to the creek. Because to a toddler, what's more fun than getting wet, throwing rocks, and wearing mud? NOTHING!

Can you see those huge rocks there? My middle child thought he would be strong enough to pick one of those up and throw it. He tried.

After the creek, we walked to another playground. Because why not?

Could you not just eat that tiny baby up?
Of course, I may be just a little biased.

After we finally talked the babies into going back to the camper, my dad built us a campfire, I turned on Elmo, then we sat and enjoyed some ice cream. Along with his desire for cake, my middle one LOVES "eyes-keem" (ice cream). 

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is family time. And family time in Roan Mountain was just like I was in Heaven. I get busy in everyday life routines and expectations, so it was nice to "pause" and enjoy for a moment. I enjoyed seeing my little ones' faces light up with every new adventure they went on.

All in all, 

It was the best day ever. 

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