Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The days are so so so long

This is my dining room chair. I'm using it to barricade my precious children into the boys' room in hopes of confining them to one area. So far, it has been 10 minutes and only one has escaped. 

Why not use a baby gate? Because it got broken. Imagine that! A houseful of toddlers is only a recipe for disaster, and usually only the important stuff gets ruined. Like a baby gate. I could always go out, pick another up, and use it. But let's be real. The only reason any of us leave the house is for doctor appointments, church, and grocery shopping. Any other reason is just silly in this season of my life. 

Today has been a tough one. No particular rhyme or reason why, it's just been one of those days where everyone cries, nobody is happy, and the kitchen is a continual mess.

Some days just feel as if I can't keep up with the mom-ing, the wife-ing, and the responsible adult things everyone is expected to do. 

But you know, the great thing about it all, is i know that tomorrow is a brand new day. I rest in the fact that today will eventually be over, and I can wake up refreshed (kinda) and with a different outlook on the day. For that, I'm thankful to the One who created "new days." 

So here's a little encouragement for the momma wondering if every single day will be like today....
It won't. Most days, probably yes. Especially in the toddler years. But not everyday. I'm still in the "new season" of life, "child-bearing" years, or sometimes referred to as "yoga pants" stage. I'm actually wearing yoga pants right now as I write this. But I know that one day, I will miss these tough days and I will want them back, even if my house looks like an abandoned shack and I look like a bum off the street. My babies wont be babies forever. And hopefully they wont remember the fact that my hair hasn't seen a hairdresser in almost 6 months. 

So, I'm sharing this great tip of how to "survive" these oh so long, but ever so short years. CANNED CINNAMON ROLLS. You're thinking, "Seriously? Everybody knows that." But wait. If you grab the can from the fridge without anyone seeing, you can definitely pull these babies off as homemade. It's not lying, it's just leaving out details. Be sure to put them in a baking dish, preferably a pretty one from the back of your dish-ware cabinet, because it's all about presentation. Throw them in the oven, and when they are done, warm the icing up in the microwave for a few seconds, and drizzle it on top of the rolls. In 10 minutes, your kitchen will smell like heaven, your husband will think you're amazing, and your children will be singing your praises and begging for more. 

See? She's just dying to take a bite of her "Momma's Cinnamon Rolls." 

It's a win-win solution for everyone involved!

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